Amanda Ailei Palmer


March 16, 2004

Fuling, China


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Sun-Gazette Article on Adoption Featuring Amanda November 2007

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Our Trip to China for our Daughter Amanda

This is the web site we posted for family and friends while we were in China in May 2005.  We kept the interface simple as connection speeds varied on our trip.

Again, it has been great hearing from you and hopefully our story may inspire another child's adoption.  Wayne posted a lot more images from the Fuling Orphanage for the other prospective parents who may be adopting.

You can reach Pam and Wayne at their regular e-mails addresses by clicking on their names. 

This web site will be linked thru both of Wayne's web sites.  Feel free to pass along our story.  We've been  home now for over a year and have posted a few highlight pictures and movies.  See the last link in the table of contents.

Click here to begin our story....or just scroll down past the pictures.




Hello everyone! This will be our chronicle of our journey to pick up Amanda. I will try to up date everyday. We are told we will have high speed internet access at all the hotels, so hopefully you can see what we are doing. I will let Pam do the writing and I will post the pix.  I am keeping the site very simple.

We will be visiting 3 cities while there; Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou. You are probably familiar with the name of Beijing but not the other two. All three cities have been renamed. They used to be called Peking, Chungking and Canton respectively.  China is about the same area as the US, so we will be covering a little bit of ground.

Amanda was born in a small city called Fuling, which is down river (the Yangtze) from Chongqing.   She was found abandoned outside a grocery store in only a blanket.  We have only 3 pictures of Amanda, the one at the top of the page, a similar one taken at the same time and a small one taken at an earlier age that was attached to her paperwork.  The more recent photos of her were taken in October, so we're sure she looks a bit different now.  We are told she is in good health.

The Chinese government is building the world's largest hydroelectric dam, Three Gorges,  down river from Fuling.  Upon it's completion, the river level will rise 400 feet and the city where Amanda was born will be gone. The city is being relocated to higher ground.

As the days go by I will activate the links to our journey.  (Dad - this means click on the date to the left to learn about that day. When the date is underlined there is more information.)  China is 12 hours ahead of us and on the other side of the date line.

May 9th is Gotcha Day!  That is the day we get Amanda. 

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