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Need an image scanned for web use or for just playing around with on your own computer? Maybe you would like your favorite image set up to used as your computer's wallpaper.   PMI can scan your prints, slides or negatives to your specifications.  We can handle just about any negative slide or print up to 11"x17".

scan35.gif (3674 bytes)Web Scans - Low resolution scans for Internet use done while you wait.  (Prints Only) $5 for the first scan and $1 for each subsequent scan. Disk included.

flatbed.gif (6305 bytes) For really high resolution scanning that will not fit on a standard floppy disk, PMI can save your images to CD, Zip Cartridges, SyQuest EZ-135 removable hard disk cartridges or XIMAT Format DC 2120 data cartridges. PMI can scan your images to your specific request in nearly any file format needed. (PC or MAC.)


phaser.gif (15543 bytes)The Digital Darkroom

Custom Printing and Retouching

Digital Darkroom Examples

  • Prints Sizes up to 24" x ?

  • Specialized cropping and enlarging

  • Scratch and dust removal

  • Dodging and burning  - that's darkroom lingo for selectively lightening & darkening portions of a photo

  • Touch-up work - removal of eyeglass glare, stray hair or facial blemishes    

  • Color correction

  • Manipulation - combine photographs, put subjects on new backgrounds


Other Services

  • Prints from your computer files

  • Prints from slides & old negatives

  • Prints from video

  • Prints from movie film

  • Copy files to CD

Web Graphics


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