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Film/Video Conversion Services

Film to video transfer is simply the copying of your movie films, negatives, slides or prints to DVD for convenient viewing on your television which ends the hassle of screens & projectors.  Conversion to other formats is available, contact us for your individual needs.

Make a customized video album of your family memories. Music of your choosing can be added. 

We can transfer the following motion picture film formats.

  • Regular 8mm - (call for details on 8mm magnetic sound)

  • Super 8mm

  • Super 8mm Sound

  • 16mm Silent - projector playback speed is 24 fps

  • 16mm Sound - optical sound only

Basic service includes:

  • The splicing together of individual 8 mm size reels onto larger reels.

  • The cleaning of the film before copying.

  • Repair of old splices or torn film.

  • Computer generated opening title of your choice.


Video Tape Conversion to DVD

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8

Digital 8 & Betamax - $15 per hour

Foreign Tape Conversion to DVD

PAL & SECAM - $20 per hour

Price List

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