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The Gallery

I guess we all like to show off a little bit, so below are some samples of my work.  Some are conventional photographic images and some are digitally altered.  They are designated by DA  This page has numerous images.  I hope you have the patience to wait.  I also enjoy taking panoramic images.  Some of these images can be viewed by clicking here.

Fish-Tails-for-print.jpg (7501 bytes) Fish Tails

lighthouse-stairway.jpg (4782 bytes) Now Forbidden Stairway

flag-shot-croppd-for-print-.jpg (7865 bytes) Front Porch Patriotisim

harp.jpg (10719 bytes) Harp

window-final.jpg (6001 bytes) Peppers and Onions

fall.jpg (9084 bytes) Fall

barn-tree-final.jpg (11076 bytes) Barn Tree - Single Use Camera

phil-final.jpg (4411 bytes) Philip Byler MD - Single Use Camera

tide-shedfinal.jpg (6996 bytes) Window Tide - Single Use Camera

SF-trolley-crop-2.jpg (8350 bytes) SF Trolley - Single Use Camera - DA

bird1-final.jpg (6184 bytes) The Regal Chicken

giraffe-and-mom.jpg (10881 bytes) Standing Close to Momma


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