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Digital Photo Restoration

Trust your images to the area' most experienced and qualified photo retouching expert.

Remove Dust/Repair Cracks & Rips

Restore Faded Photos

Colorize B&W Photos

Add or Remove People & Objects

Sharpening Photos


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What is Digital Photo Restoration?

Digital Photo Restoration uses the latest computer technology called “digital imaging” to create a new print from an old one. Through the process, dust, cracks and scratches can be removed. There are virtually limitless other possibilites. Conventional custom printing, red-eye elimination, enlargement and reduction can be performed. Ripped photos can be reassembled. Faded prints can be brought back to life. Color can be corrected, enhanced, changed, reduced or deleted. Missing parts can be reconstructed or parts of an image can be removed. A black & white print can be colorized. A loved one can be added to a photo, or non-loved one removed. In addition, a title or caption can be added to a print.

Will the process harm the original print?

Absolutely not! The restoration process does not involve working on the original print other than scanning it, which is a process reminiscent of photo copying. You will receive a new print back in addition to your original.

Photo Restoration Prices

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